Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1338—1355

Chronic vitamin D insufficiency impairs physical performance in C57BL/6J mice

Figure 3. Physical performance in vitamin D sufficient and insufficient mice. Vitamin D sufficient (STD) and insufficient (LOW) mice were assessed across a range of physical performance domains that include: grip strength assessed every 4 months as the best 3 of 5 trials on a grip strength meter, n=6 (A); grip endurance as the best of two trials timed for latency to fall from a wire, n=5 (B); aerobic endurance assessed as a single trial for time before exhaustion on a mouse treadmill, n=6 (C); anaerobic endurance assessed as a single trial of increasing intensity intervals on an inclined (25º) mouse treadmill, n=6, 5 respectively (D); exploratory behavior as a count of quadrant crossings and rearings over 5 minutes in an open field arena, n=6, 5 respectively (E); and gait as assessed by measurement of stride length normalized to femur length determined using dual X-ray absorptiometry, n=5, 6 respectively (F). Statistical significance indicated by “*” p < 0.05, “**” p< 0.01, “***” p<0.001, and “ns” indicating non‑significance.