Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1415—1423

Induction of neutrophil apoptosis by a Bcl-2 inhibitor reduces particulate matter-induced lung inflammation

Figure 4. ABT-199 alleviates PM-induced lung inflammation. After instillation of ABT-199 in the PM inflammatory model, the total BALF cells and the number of neutrophils were significantly decreased (n=5 to 7 per group) (A). After instillation of PM, ABT-199 also decreased the expression of CXCL-1, CXCL-2 in lung tissue (B and C). Apoptosis levels were determined by Annexin V and PI staining based on gating of Gr-1+/CD11b+ by flow cytometry. ABT-199 induced apoptosis of Neutrophils in BALF cells in different groups (E-I).