Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1442—1453

Secreted α-Klotho maintains cartilage tissue homeostasis by repressing NOS2 and ZIP8-MMP13 catabolic axis

Figure 5. Effect of intra-articular secreted α-KL gene transfer in an experimental murine OA model. (A) Secreted α-KL gene expression in mice synovium after electrotransfer of empty vector (CMV-EV) or CMV-Sd-α-KL expressing vector. (B) Representative Safranin-O Fast-Green staining of knee joints from OA mice treated with empty vector (OA+EV) or CMV-Sd-α-KL expressing vector (OA+Sd-α-KL). (C-F) OARSI scores in the different joint localizations from OA mice after intra-articular electrotransfer of empty vector (OA+EV; n=15) or CMV-Sd-α-KL expressing vector (OA+Sd-α-KL; n=25). Data are represented as mean -/+ SEM. *=p<0.05; **=p<0.01.