Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1454—1473

Naked mole rat cells display more efficient excision repair than mouse cells


Figure 8. Cross-linking of NMR and mouse cell extract proteins to dCFAP-DNA. (A) The 25 nM [32P]dCFAP-DNA (54-mer) was incubated with 1.2 mg/ml of mouse (lanes 1-5) or NMR (lanes 6–10) cell extract proteins and buffer components. The mixtures were exposed to UV-light irradiation at 312 nm, 1.5 J/cm2·min for 10 min. After the UV-light induced cross-linking the reaction mixtures were treated with benzonase (0.1 unit per 1 μl of the reaction mixture for 30 min at 37ºC). Then the products were analyzed as described in ‘Photocross-linking of cell extract proteins with dCFAP-DNA’. ‘n’ denotes the extract of non-irradiated cells; 1–24 designate the extracts of cells cultivated for definite time (in hours) after UVC-irradiation. (B) Quantification showing the yield of the 115-kDa cross-linking products.