Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1489—1505

Regulatory RNA binding proteins contribute to the transcriptome-wide splicing alterations in human cellular senescence

Figure 2. Differential splicing analysis in cellular senescence. (A) Statistics of the differential splicing events from the integrating result. (Abbreviations: SE: skipped exon; A5SS: Alternative 5’ splice site; A3SS: Alternative 3’ splice site; MXE: Mutually exclusive exon; RI: Retained intron). (B) GO enrichment analysis for the genes with CS-associated differential splicing events. (C) An example of one alternative splicing event of gene VCAN. VCAN is located on Chromosome 5 and this event is a MXE type, and two mutually exclusive exons separately locate from 82815167 to 82818128, 82832825 to 82838087. This MXE event is shown in RNA-seq read coverage plot (left: showing three experiments) in the genome browser and percent spliced in (PSI) boxplot (right: * representing differential spliced in this experiment).