Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1489—1505

Regulatory RNA binding proteins contribute to the transcriptome-wide splicing alterations in human cellular senescence

Figure 4. Validation of identified potential splicing regulatory roles of RNA binding proteins’ (RBPs) in cellular senescence (CS)-associated splicing events and their regulatory modules. (A) GO enrichment result of the identified candidate regulatory RBPs’ targeting genes. The size of the dot represents the log10 the enrichment p-values. (B) Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) plot for the detected eight splicing RBPs and the pre-ranked RBPs. The Y-axis gives the enrichment score for the enrichment of single factor knockdown-induced ASEs with CS-associated ASEs in the top panel. The X-axis refers to the rank of collected RBPs according to the enrichment. Each vertical line in the bottom panel of the figure refers to hit position of the eight splicing RBPs in the ranked list. HNRNPK, SRSF1 and QKI were identified as the top three enriched RBPs. (C) NF-kappa B signaling (left) and cell-cell adhesion (right) pathways intensively regulated by the CS-associated RBPs.