Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 1932—1946

Sirt6 deficiency impairs corneal epithelial wound healing

Figure 4. Sirt6 deletion results in corneal inflammation. 2.0 mm central corneal epithelial debridement wounds were induced in 8-week-old WT and Sirt6 KO mice and corneas were collected at indicated time pointes after injury. (A) Inflammatory genes were assessed by qPCR in WT and Sirt6 KO corneas before (control), 24 hours (24h) and 2 weeks (2w) after wound injury. *p<0.05 compared with WT, #p<0.05 compared with control (con), $p<0.05 compared with 24h. Two corneas were combined and served as one sample at each experimental condition (n=3-4, 6-8 corneas). (B) Immunostaining for inflammatory cell marker CD45 and vascular cell marker CD31 (green) in WT and Sirt6 KO corneas 3 weeks after wound injury. Nuclei are counterstained with DAPI (blue). Scale bar: 50 μm.