Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 1964—1976

Circ-BPTF promotes bladder cancer progression and recurrence through the miR-31-5p/RAB27A axis

Figure 5. miR-31-5p directly binds to circ-BPTF. (A) Potential binding sites between circ-BPTF and miR-31-5p were predicted by CircInteractome. (B) miR-31-5p could be pulled down by the circ-BPTF probe. (C) FISH showed the co-localization between circ-BPTF and miR-31-5p. (D) Renilla luciferase activity in 293T cells co-transfected with miR-31-5p mimics and circ-BPTF reporter. Data indicate means±SEM. **P<0.01