Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 2098—2112

Impaired autophagic activity and ATG4B deficiency are associated with increased endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced lung injury

Figure 6. Atg4b deficiency resulted in increased NFκB and CAS3 expression in mouse lung at 3 days after tunicamycin administration. (A) Representative photomicrographs of immunohistochemical staining performed with specific primary antibodies against NFκB and CAS3 in lung tissues sections from WT and Atg4b tunicamycin-treated mice at 3 days post-instillation. Positive signal is observed in red. All sections were counterstained with hematoxylin. (B) Total number of positive stained cells per high power field (40X) in lung tissue sections by quantitative image analysis. (C) Representative immunoblots of NFκB and CAS3 in lung tissue from WT and Atg4b null mice at 3 days post-tunicamycin instillation (left panel) and densitometry analysis (right panel). Results are shown as mean ± SD. Statistical significance was determined by Student´s t-test (*p < 0.05).