Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 2136—2147

p62 /SQSTM1 coding plasmid prevents age related macular degeneration in a rat model


Figure 3. Effect of p62 DNA on p62 expression in the retina of OXYS rats at 3 and 13.5 months. (A) Representative p62 immunofluorescence of retinal cryosections from 3- and 13.5-month-old OXYS rats treated by PBS (left) or p62DNA plasmid (right). Scale bar: 50 μm. RPE: retinal pigment epithelium; ONL: outer nuclear layer; INL: inner nuclear layer; GCL: ganglion cells layer. (B) Representative immunoblots of p62 in the retina of OXYS rats. 1 - PBS; 2 - p62DNA. (C) Levels of p62 protein by immunoblot. (D) Measurements of retinal thickness (from ONL to GCL) in 3- and 13.5-month-old OXYS rats treated by p62DNA or PBS. *p < 0.05, statistically significant effect of p62DNA; #p < 0.05 between 3 and 13.5 months. Data are presented as mean ± SEM.