Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 2148—2169

Gender- and region-specific changes in estrogen signaling in aging rat brain mitochondria

Figure 3. Signaling downstream of estrogen in the hippocampus across age and gender. Representative western blots for each protein of interest and a representative Ponceau stain as a load control (A). Graphical depiction of the fold change for p-PKC (B), PKC comparing age (C), PKC comparing gender (D), cx43 comparing age (E), cx43 comparing gender (F), p-cx43 (G), p-ERK (H), ERK (I), beta-actin (J). Error bars = SEM. 4W = 4 weeks of age; 3M = 3 months of age; 9M = 9 months of age; 12M = 12 months of age. Pink = female; blue = male. ANOVA with Tukey posthoc, * = P<0.05. Pink * = p<0.05 for females only.