Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 2170—2189

Exposure to Zinc oxide nanoparticles during pregnancy induces oocyte DNA damage and affects ovarian reserve of mouse offspring

Figure 4. nZnO expose increased DNA damage and BAX/BCL-2 ratio in fetal oocytes in vivo. (A) Representative cytospreads of oocytes at the pachytene and the diplotene meiotic stage after nZnO intravenous injection of 12.5 dpc female mice. Chromosomes were stained for SCP3 (red) and DNA damage evidenced by γH2AX (green) staining. (B) Percentage of oocytes showing weak or strong γH2AX staining. (C) Representative images of western blotting analysis of BAX, BCL-2, and γH2AX. Actin was used as the loading control.