Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 9 pp 2498—2510

Sirt1 enhances tau exon 10 inclusion and improves spatial memory of Htau mice

Figure 6. Resveratrol rescues the impaired spatial memory of Htau mice. (A-E) 5-month old tau-KO and Htau mice were treated with resveratrol for 7 months and subjected to general behavior tests. For elevated plus maze test, the amount of time spent in the open arm and number of open arm (OA) entrances were analyzed (A and B). For open field test, time amount spent in center area and entered into the center area were analyzed (C and D). Locomotor activity by tested rotarod test and fall latency were recorded (E). (F-H) Htau and tau-KO mice were subjected to Morris water maze test. During the training phase, travel latency (F) and swimming speed (G) were recorded and analyzed. In the probe trial, the time spent in each quadrant was recorded (H). The data are presented as mean ± S.D. (n=9-11) and analyzed by two-way ANOVA followed by Bonferroni post-test (n=9-11). *, p<0.05.