Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2606—2623

Circular RNA circUBXN7 represses cell growth and invasion by sponging miR-1247-3p to enhance B4GALT3 expression in bladder cancer


Figure 1. The generation and characterization of circUBXN7. (A) The diagram shows that circUBXN7 is back-spliced from exon 3 and exon 5 of precursor UBXN7 mRNA, and linear UBXN7 is generated by canonical linear splicing. (B) The product amplified by divergent primers was confirmed by Sanger sequencing. (C and D) The products amplified using convergent or divergent primers were verified by agarose gel electrophoresis. GAPDH was used as a linear control. (E) CircUBXN7 levels were detected by qRT-PCR using random or oligo (dT) primers for reverse transcription. (F) qRT-PCR analysis was performed to test circUBXN7 expression in T24 cells with or without RNase R treatment. (G) Total RNA harvested from T24 cells with Actinomycin D treatment at the indicated time points was subjected to qRT-PCR. **P<0.01.