Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2657—2667

A high glucose diet induces autophagy in a HLH-30/TFEB-dependent manner and impairs the normal lifespan of C. elegans

Figure 3. HLH-30 regulates lifespan and autophagic flux with a high glucose diet. (A) Lifespan analysis of hlh-30 mutant (tm1978) nematodes showed that they partially rescued the decrease in lifespan induced by a high glucose diet (B) Representative Western blot showing a decrease in autophagic flux (less release of mFP from dFP::LGG-1) when hlh-30 was silenced by RNAi. (C) The mFP/dFP-LGG-1 ratio was quantified by densitometry. ***p < 0.001. Error bars represent ± SEM, one-way ANOVA. Images and blots are representative of three independent experiments.