Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2695—2708

Role of alternative splicing of VEGF-A in the development of atherosclerosis

Figure 4. Upregulation of SRPK1 promotes pro-angiogenic splicing of VEGF-A in HFD mice. (A) Conventional PCR to show the bands for the anti-angiogenic splicing form of VEGF-A (VEGF165b) and the pro-angiogenic splicing form of VEGF-A (VEGF165) in mouse aorta. (B-C) Western blotting for VEGF165b and VEGF165 in CD31+ AECs and F4/80+ macrophages, shown by representative blots (B) and by quantification (C). (D-E) RT-qPCR (D) and Western blotting (E) for SRPK1 levels in CD31+ AECs and F4/80+ macrophages. *p<0.05. N=10.