Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2695—2708

Role of alternative splicing of VEGF-A in the development of atherosclerosis

Figure 6. SRPK1 promotes macrophage apoptosis through increasing pro-angiogenic splicing of VEGF-A in vitro. (A) RT-qPCR for SRPK1 in shSRPK1, or SCR, or SRPK1- transfected RAW264.7 cells. (B) Representative western blots of SRPK1-modified RAW264.7 cells. (C-E) Quantification of ratio of VEGF165 versus VEGF165b (C), Bcl-2 (D) and Casps 3 (E) protein levels in SRPK1-modified RAW264.7 cells. (F-G) Annexin V assay for SRPK1/VEGF165 /VEGF165b -modified RAW264.7 cells, shown by quantification (F), and by representative flow charts (G). *p<0.05. N=5. Scale bars are 50µm.