Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2832—2854

A multi-tissue full lifespan epigenetic clock for mice

Figure 1. Accuracy of ridge regression epigenetic age predictions. DNA methylation age (y-axis) versus chronological age (x-axis) for all mouse samples. (a) Performance of ridge regression clock based on all 192K CpGs in all training samples. The training set estimates of the accuracy are overly optimistic and should be ignored. (b) Results by tissue type of cross-validated predictions obtained by iteratively withholding one “batch” (tissue x publication). For the batch cross-validation of this clock, the global Pearson correlation between predicted and chronological age was 0.79 (p < 2E-195) with a mae of 3.1 months. All models in these iterative cross-validations had the same size of 193,651 CpGs. (c) Scatter plots by tissue type based on DNAm age estimates made with an iterative leave-one-sample-out cross-validation. The correlation between predicted and chronologic age was 0.85 (p < 6E-258) with a mae of 2.1 months.