Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2855—2873

The mitomiR/Bcl-2 axis affects mitochondrial function and autophagic vacuole formation in senescent endothelial cells

Figure 1. Biochemical features of sHUVECs. (A) Cytofluorimetry analysis of the percentage of cells with activated casp-1 (left) and of IL-1β concentration (pg/ml) in the culture medium (right) in yHUVECs and sHUVECs. (B) Percentage of HUVECs with high levels of anion superoxide (left) and ROS (right) production evaluated by flow cytometry; (C) Representative TEM image of mitochondria from a yHUVEC and a sHUVEC, original magnification 19 K. Images analyzed in ImageJ for shape descriptors. A solidity threshold of 0.8 was adopted to select for rougher and branched mitochondria and calculate their percentage out of the total number of mitochondria found in the image (n = number of cells analyzed at a magnification of 13 K to 19 K). *** t-test, p < 0.001.