Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2855—2873

The mitomiR/Bcl-2 axis affects mitochondrial function and autophagic vacuole formation in senescent endothelial cells

Figure 6. Effects of transfection of the miRNA mimics 34a, 146a, and 181a on yHUVECs. yHUVECs were incubated for 24 h with the miRNA mimics (miR-34a, -146a, and -181a) or with a miRNA mimic negative control (CTR) before analysis. The percentage of transfected yHUVECs showing (A) mPTP opening, (B) annexin V positivity and active casp-3, and (E) casp-1 were evaluated by flow cytometry. (C) Western blot and densitometric analysis of Survivin expression in transfected yHUVECs. Survivin expression is reported as fold change in miRNA mimic-transfected cells vs CTR. (D) Bcl-xL mRNA relative expression in transfected yHUVECs. Data are mean ± SD of three independent experiments. * t-test p < 0.05, ** t-test p < 0.01, *** t-test p < 0.001.