Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 10 pp 2874—2883

Sirtuin 3 attenuates amyloid-β induced neuronal hypometabolism


Figure 1. The protein expression and activity of Sirt3 are reduced in APP mice. Mouse fresh brain tissues were collected and homogenized. (A, B) Sirt3 protein expression by Western blot was lower in APP than WT mice. (C) NAD+ level and (D) NAD+/ NADH ratio were reduced in APP mice compared to WT mice. (E) Mitochondria were isolated from mouse brain to test Sirt3 deacetylation activity (ratio of fluorescent intensity to total protein). Sirt3 activity in APP mice was lower in APP mice than that in WT mice. Note: n=3 per group, * p<0.05.