Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 3702—3712

BCAR4 activates GLI2 signaling in prostate cancer to contribute to castration resistance

Figure 3. Loss of BCAR4 reduces basal PC cell growth and migration but regains androgen-sensitivity of PC cells in vitro. (A) We depleted BCAR4 in DU145 cells by shRNA and examined BCAR4 levels by RT-qPCR. (B-D) The shBCAR4-transfected cells and control scrambled-transfected cells were treated with null, or R1881, with/without OHF. (B) Cell growth was examined in an CCK-8 assay. (C-D) Cell migration potential was assessed in a transwell assay, shown by quantification (C), and by representative images (D). *p<0.05. NS: non-significant. N=5. Scale bars were 20µm.