Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 3774—3793

A CREB1/miR-433 reciprocal feedback loop modulates proliferation and metastasis in colorectal cancer

Figure 6. miR-433 attenuated cell cycle progression and abolished epithelial-mesenchymal transition. (a) CRC cells stably transduced with LV3-miR-433-3p displayed a notable upregulation of miR-433 compared with the control cells. (b) Western blotting showed downregulation of CREB1, CCAR1, and JNK1 and subsequent dephosphorylation of phospho-Smad2 and phospho-c-Jun, which in turn constrained cell cycle progression and EMT when cells were successfully infected with LV3-miR-433-3p. (c) Schematic diagram highlighting the mechanism of miR-433 in CRC. **, p<0.01; ***, p<0.001.