Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 3794—3805

Sevoflurane impairs learning and memory of the developing brain through post-transcriptional inhibition of CCNA2 via microRNA-19-3p

Figure 6. Abolishment of miR-19-3p upregulation protects neuron proliferation, and learning and memory of rats that were exposed to SEVO. AAV-as-miR-19-3p or AAV-null was intracranially injected into the bilateral hippocampi of the neonatal rats (n=10 in each group). One weeks after injection, SEVO exposure was performed on these rats. (A-B) Morris water maze test. (A) Escape latency. (B) Path length. (C-D) PM-DAT at 6 weeks after SEVO exposure. (C) Time spent in aversive arm at training period. (D) Time spent in open arm at testing period. (E) Western blotting for BDNF in rat brain. (F-G) Ki-67 staining in the hippocampal area of rat brain, 6 weeks after SEVO exposure, by representative images (F), and by quantification (G). *p<0.05. N=10. Scale bars are 100µm.