Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 3806—3820

Circular RNA EIF6 (Hsa_circ_0060060) sponges miR-144-3p to promote the cisplatin-resistance of human thyroid carcinoma cells by autophagy regulation

Figure 5. Overexpression of circEIF6 could enhance autophagy and inhibit apoptosis in the TPC1 and BHT101 cells with cisplatin treatment. (A) Western blot was used to detect the protein of TGF-α, cleaved PPAR, cleaved caspase3, LC3B, p62 expressions. Cleaved PARP and caspase-3 were proteins related to apoptosis; LC3 II/LC3 I ratio and p62 were related to autophagy. *P < 0.05 compared with NC group. (B) GFP-LC3 puncta was less in siCirc-1 or siCirc-2 group and more in circEIF6 group after treated with cisplatin, *P < 0.05 compared with NC group.