Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 3834—3850

Tissue iron is negatively correlated with TERC or TERT mRNA expression: a heterochronic parabiosis study in mice

Figure 2. The effects of heterochronic parabiosis on serum iron and other relevant indices in mice. Serum iron (A), Tf saturation (B), UIBC (C), TIBC (D), and the contents of Tf, Ft-H, Ft-L, CP (E-H) were measured or calculated (Tf saturation and TIBC) in Y-Y (pairings between two young mice - isochronic parabiont), Y-O(Y) (young pairing with old – heterochronic parabiont), O-O (parings between two old - isochronic parabiont) and Y-O(O) (old pairing with young - heterochronic parabiont) mice using commercial kits or western blot analysis as described in Methods and Materials. Data are presented as means ± SEM (n=4). *p<0.05 and ** p<0.01 vs. the control.