Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 4000—4023

The ER-alpha mutation Y537S confers Tamoxifen-resistance via enhanced mitochondrial metabolism, glycolysis and Rho-GDI/PTEN signaling: Implicating TIGAR in somatic resistance to endocrine therapy

Figure 9. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) of proteomics data sets obtained from two distinct Tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cell lines (TAMR vs. MCF7-Y537S cells). The canonical signaling pathways predicted to be altered are shown. Briefly, both 4-OHT resistant cell lines (TAMR vs. MCF7-Y537S) were compared to each other, as well as with MCF7 control cells, all grown as monolayers. HeatMaps of the top 10 regulated canonical pathways are shown. A positive z-score (Orange) points towards the activation of a signalling pathway, while a negative z-score (Blue) indicates the inhibition of a pathway (p < 0.05 and cutoff z-score ± 2).