Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 4024—4041

SNCA overexpression disturbs hippocampal gene expression trajectories in midlife

Figure 1. SNCA overexpressing mice developed hippocampal transcriptome disturbances in an age-dependent manner between 6 and 12 months of age. (A) Schematic diagram of experimental groups along the genotype (wildtype WT, transgenic TG), age (6 and 12 months), and environment (standard environment SE, enriched environment EE, stress ST) axis that were used to determine differential expression in the hippocampal transcriptome of mice. Lower part highlights age-dependent increase of DEGs in TG animals in SE. (B) Overrepresented pathways among 495 DEGs derived for 12-month-old TG mice in SE. Ten most significant terms, their adjusted p values, and overlapping DEG count shown. (C) Disease aspects and biological functions overrepresented among 495 DEGs. Top five significant terms shown. (D) Composition and relative expression levels of murine and human SNCA transcript isoforms.