Review Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 4248—4268

How I treat elderly patients with plasma cell dyscrasias

Figure 3. Risk adapted treatment recommendations in systemic AL amyloidosis. Adapted from Palladini et al 2016(115) and Gavriatopoulou et al 2018. Data mainly comes from uncontrolled trials. ASCT: autologous stem cell transplant, DLCO: lung diffusion of CO, EF: ejection fraction, MEL: melphalan, NYHA: New York Heart Association, OS: performance status by ECOG, sBP: systolic blood pressure, Stage is Mayo Clinic cardiac stage, VCD: velcade+cyclophosphamide+dexamethasone, CD: velcade+ dexamethasone, MDex: melphalan+dexamethasone, CR: complete response, PI: proteasome inhibitor, BMDex: bortezomib+ melphalan+dexamethasone.