Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 4213—4223

Caloric restriction is associated with preservation of muscle strength in experimental cancer cachexia

Figure 3. Relative grip-strength at the end of the experiment. Bar graphs depicting the mean ± SEM for final grip-strength normalized to starting grip-strength in C26 tumor-bearing (TB) male CD2F1 mice with ad libitum access to chow (dietary reference intake [DRI], n = 10); C26 TB mice on a 30% caloric restriction (CR, n = 10) diet; non-tumor bearing (NTB) mice with matched intake (MI, n = 10); NTB mice on a 30% caloric restriction (n = 10). Multiple group comparisons were done by one-way ANOVA with a Bonferroni’s post hoc test. All groups were compared against TB – DRI mice. Asterisk brackets are displayed for significant results only. * p < 0.05 ** p < 0.01 *** p < 0.001.