Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 7 pp 2071—2081

Early-life vancomycin treatment promotes airway inflammation and impairs microbiome homeostasis


Figure 3. Vancomycin use reduced the richness and evenness of the microorganisms in the gut and lung. Rank-Abundance curves of all experimental groups. Lateral axis indicates the richness of samples, slope of curves indicates evenness of the microbiome in the (A) gut and (B) lung (n = 3). (NS.S: stool sample of the NS group; OVA.S: stool sample of the OVA group; VAN.NS.S: stool sample of the VAN-NS group; VAN.OVA.S: stool sample of the VAN-OVA group; NS.L: lung tissue of the NS group; OVA.L: lung tissue of the OVA group; VAN.NS.L: lung tissue of the VAN-NS group; VAN.OVA.L: lung tissue of the VAN-OVA group).