Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 7 pp 2071—2081

Early-life vancomycin treatment promotes airway inflammation and impairs microbiome homeostasis


Figure 4. Vancomycin pretreatment alter the microbiome in both gut and lung in the OVA-induced asthma model. (A, B) Composition of bacterial community at class level. The top 10 species are shown, and the other phyla are included as “Others”. Relative abundance of the (A) gut and (B) lung microbiota at the class level. (C, D) Heatmap showing the relative abundance of the top 35 bacterial genera in the gut and lung microbiome, depicted by color intensity. The relative abundance at the class level of the (C) gut and (D) lung microbiota (n = 3) (NS.S: stool sample of the NS group; OVA.S: stool sample of the OVA group; VAN.OVA.S: stool sample of the Van-OVA group; NS.L: lung tissue of the NS group; OVA.L: lung tissue of the OVA group; VAN.OVA.L: lung tissue of the Van-OVA group).