Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 7 pp 2098—2110

In mice transgenic for IGF1 under keratin-14 promoter, lifespan is decreased and the rates of aging and thymus involution are accelerated


Figure 1. Body and spleen weights (the upper panel) and thymus weight and serum thymulin titer (the lower panel) in the cohorts of female K14/mIGF1 and WT FVB/N mice. Body weight and thymulin titer data are multiplied by 10 to better accommodate all data to the respective panels. To avoid encumbering, shown are only the 95% confidence intervals that suggest significant differences between K14/mIGF1 and WT FVB/N mice (the lower panel) and the lack of significant differences in the spleen weights of the two strains (the upper panel). K14/mIGF1 mice are presented with dashed lines and open markers, except for thymulin data markers (filled black diamonds). FVB/N mice are presented with dotted lines and filled gray markers. No comparison between K14/mIGF1 and FVB/N data are possible after ages above 18 months because the former mice do not live thus long.