Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 8 pp 2241—2252

Exposure to aristolochic acid I compromises the maturational competency of porcine oocytes via oxidative stress-induced DNA damage

Figure 4. Effects of AAI exposure on the actin dynamics in porcine oocytes. (A) Representative images of actin filaments in control and AAI-exposed oocytes. Oocytes were immunostained with anti-phalloidin-FITC antibody to visualize the actin filaments. Scale bar, 25 and 60 μm. (B) The fluorescence intensity profiling of actin filaments in oocytes. Lines were drawn through the oocytes, and pixel intensities were quantified along the lines. (C) The fluorescence intensity of actin signals was measured in control and AAI-exposed oocytes. Data were presented as mean percentage (mean ± SEM) of at least three independent experiments. ***P < 0.001.