Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 8 pp 2327—2342

Cooperative impact of thiazolidinedione and fatty acid synthase on human osteogenesis

Figure 5. Effect of MCC-555 plus FASN knockdown on the adipogenic and osteoblastic differentiation of human bmMSCs. (A) RT-qPCR analyses showed the FASN mRNA levels of control (shEV) and FASN-knockdown (shFASN) cells. (B) Confluent shEV and shFASN cells were induced to undergo adipogenic (upper panel) and osteoblastic (lower panel) differentiation. The shEV cells were co-treated with either 5 μM MCC-555 or DMSO, whereas the shFASN cells were co-treated with 5 μM MCC-555. Cells were stained with Oil Red O at the 12th day, and with Alizarin Red S at the 14th day. Representative photos are shown. The stains were quantitated, and the signals of the MCC-555-treated cells were compared to that of the DMSO control cells (to which a value of 1 was assigned). *, P<0.05; #, P=0.73; **, P<0.005 versus DMSO control.