Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 8 pp 2430—2446

HPV shapes tumor transcriptome by globally modifying the pool of RNA binding protein-binding motif

Figure 1. HPV infection causes globally longer 3’UTR in HNSC. (A) Among all APA events, 54.53% of genes show significant longer 3’UTR length (1855 of 3402, Wilcoxon test, excluding terms with computation uncertainties). HPV+ samples harbor significant longer 3’UTR. The heat map shows the top 100 APA events ranked by P-value (Wilcoxon test). Values are scaled by rows. (B) HPV infection status associates the prognosis of HNSC patients. In general, all APA events shows universally longer 3’UTR in HPV+ HNSC samples compared to HPV- samples in the level of APAome. (C) The principle component analysis of all head and neck cancer patients based on all APA events, showing the different HPV infection status. Each dot corresponds to each patient sample, colored according to HPV infection status. (D) Key hallmark cancer genes show different 3’UTR profiles between HPV+ and HPV- samples. (E) The length of 3’UTR can be used to distinguish the status of HPV infection. Principle component analysis was conducted based on all APA events excluding null values. PC1 and PC2 were showed. (F) PABPN1, the master regulator of APA, is significantly upregulated in HPV+ samples. Fold change and P-value were computed through EdgeR.