Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 8 pp 2457—2476

Deletion of Tbk1 disrupts autophagy and reproduces behavioral and locomotor symptoms of FTD-ALS in mice

Figure 12. Tbk1 over-expression prolongs survival of ALS mice. (AC) Tkb1 expression and distribution in the spinal cord of SOD1G93A mice injected (ICV) with an AAV9-Tbk1 vector (n = 3); *P < 0.05, compared to SOD1G93A, AAV9-GFP control mice. (D) Disease onset and (E) survival rate of SOD1G93A mice injected with AAV9-Tbk1 or AAV9-GFP control (Con) (n = 14-17); *P < 0.05, compared to control (viral titer = 1*1012 vg/ml).