Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3432—3444

Tumor-suppressive miR-3650 inhibits tumor metastasis by directly targeting NFASC in hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 3. NFASC is a direct target of miR-3650 in HCC. (A) Venn diagrams showing the number of potential targeted mRNAs of miR-3650 from four databases: TargetScan, RNA22, miRPathDB and TargetMiner. (B) RT-PCR analysis of the expression of three candidate mRNAs in 20 paired HCC tissues and adjacent normal tissues. (C) Predicted binding sites of miR-3650 and NFASC mRNA 3’-UTR as predicted by the Targetscan algorithm. (D) Relative expression of NFASC mRNA between 120 paired HCC tissues and adjacent normal liver tissues by RT-PCR. (E) Relative luciferase activities of wild type (WT) and mutated (Mut) NFASC mRNA 3’-UTR reporter in MHCC-97H cells co-transfected with miR-3650 mimic. (F) The correlation between miR-3650 and NFASC expression in HCC tumor tissues. Error bars: Means ± SD (n=3). * P <0.05 and **P < 0.01 versus control cells.