Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3432—3444

Tumor-suppressive miR-3650 inhibits tumor metastasis by directly targeting NFASC in hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 4. NFASC expression mediates the anti-metastatic effects of miR-3650 in HCC cells. (A) RT-PCR analysis confirmed that ectopic miR-3650 expression decreased NFASC expression while inhibition of miR-3650 increased NFASC expression. (B) NFASC mRNA level in MHCC-97H cells following overexpression of miR-3650 and/or NFASC expression vector lacking the 3’-UTR. Transwell assay of MHCC-97H cells after overexpression of miR-3650 and/or co-transfected with miR-NFASC expression vector lacking the 3’-UTR. Representative images (C) and quantifications (D) were shown. Error bars: mean ± SD (n=3). NS, no significant, * P <0.05 and ** P <0.01. (E) Western blots assay of the expression of EMT-related proteins (E-cadherin, Fibronectin, Vimentin and MMP-9 expression) and NFASC protein in MHCC-97H cells after transfection with miR-3650 mimic and/or pcDNA3.1-NFASC vector. (F) Schematic diagram of dysregulated miR-3650/NFASC axis in the inhibition of HCC metastasis.