Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3445—3462

N-acetyl cysteine, inulin and the two as a combined therapy ameliorate cognitive decline in testosterone-deprived rats

Figure 7. The effects of NAC, inulin and combined therapy on cognitive function in rats with testosterone deprivation. (A) Locomotor function as indicated by distance during the open-field test. (B) Mean speed during acquisition test of Morris Water Maze test. (C) Time to reach the platform during acquisition test of Morris Water Maze test. (D) Mean time spent in target quadrant during probe test. (E) The representative tracing during the probe test (left-lower quadrant is target quadrant). NDS: rats with sham operation; NDO: rats with orchiectomy; NDOT: rats with orchiectomy receiving testosterone replacement; NDON: rats with orchiectomy receiving NAC treatment; NDOI: rats with orchiectomy receiving inulin treatment; NDOC: rats with orchiectomy receiving the combined therapy (the combination of NAC and inulin) (N=6 of each group) *p<0.05 in comparison with the NDS, †p<0.05 in comparison with the NDS.