Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3601—3623

Rh type C-glycoprotein functions as a novel tumor suppressor gene by inhibiting tumorigenicity and metastasis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 4. RHCG is correlated with HNSCC progression-associated traits. (AC) The expression levels of RHCG in different subgroups of 299 HNSCC patients stratified by histologic grade (A), pathologic nodal metastasis(B) and nodal extracapsular spread in the TCGA database; (DF). GESA analysis of HNSCC-specific tumor progression signatures enriched in RHCG-high or RHCG-low HNSCC patients in the TCGA database. (G) Representative immunohistochemical staining degrees for RHCG in 70 HNSCC tissues. (H) Correlation of RHCG expression with tumor stage and lymph node metastasis in 70 HNSCC patients by Fisher's exact test. (H) Kaplan–Meier curves of 70 HNSCC patients stratified by the RHCG expression, log-rank test was used to test the difference between two groups.