Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3750—3767

Mitochondrial and autophagic alterations in skin fibroblasts from Parkinson disease patients with Parkin mutations

Figure 3. Mitochondrial respiratory chain (MRC) enzymatic activities in control and PRKN-PD fibroblasts. Enzymatic activities of the complexes I (A), II+III (B) and CIV (C) of the MRC. No significant differences were obtained between groups. Exposure to galactose significantly reduced CI-enzymatic activity of control fibroblasts and significantly decreased CIV enzymatic activity of PRKN-PD fibroblasts when compared to glucose. The results were expressed as means and standard error of the mean (SEM). *= p<0.05. CTL= Control fibroblasts. GAL= 10 mM galactose medium. GLC= 25 mM glucose medium. NS= not significant. PRKN-PD= Parkin-associated PD fibroblasts. Enzymatic activity values were normalized by citrate synthase activity as a marker of mitochondrial content.