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This paper was originally published in Aging Advance Online Publications on July 4, 2019.

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Long non-coding RNA LINC00265 promotes inflammation via sponging miR-let-7a in abdominal aortic aneurysm

Figure 4. MiRNA let-7a respectively binds to LINC00265 and IL-6 genes. (A) The identification of VMSC by α-smooth muscle actin. (B) The position of LINC00265 in VSMCs. (C) Construction of normal and mutant sequences of IL-6 gene and LINC00265. (BD). Luciferase activity reflecting IL-6 transcriptional activity. Mimic NC+IL-6-WT: invalid let-7a overexpression+lL wild type sequence; Mimic-NC+IL-6 Mut: pseudo let-7a overexpression+IL-6 mutant sequence; let-7a mimic+IL-6-WT: let-7a overexpression+IL-6 wild type sequence; Mimic NC+lL-6-Mut: let-7a overexpression+lL mutant sequence; Mimic NC: invalid let-7a overexpression; Mimics let-7a: let-7a overexpression; LINC00265 wt: LINC00265 wild type sequence; LINC00265-mut: LINC00265 mutant sequences; IL-6-WT: IL-6 wild type sequence; IL-6-Mut: IL-6 mutant gene sequence; pcDNA3.1-LINC00265: the overexpression sequence of LINC00265; pcDNA3.1-NC: meaningless LINC00265 antisense carrier. VSMCs: vascular smooth muscle cells. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.