Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 13 pp 4561—4578

Enhanced beta-1 adrenergic receptor responsiveness in coronary arterioles following intravenous stromal vascular fraction therapy in aged rats

Figure 2. Diastolic function assessment using echocardiography and pressure- volume loop (PV-loop). Compared to YC rats, there was an age-related deterioration in diastolic function as measured echocardiographically by IVRT (A), E/A ratio (B), E/e’ ratio (C), and hemodynamically by Tau (D). Old rats treated with SVF significantly reversed this dysfunction in measures of E/A ratio (B) and E/e’ ratio (C) compared to OC, and normalized diastolic function to YC levels in IVRT (A) and Tau (D). P≤0.05 vs Young Control (*), vs Old Control (#), and vs Old+SVF ($); Data are presented as means±SD, analyzed with one-way ANOVA followed by post-hoc Holm-Sidak (B, D) or Dunn’s (A, C) test.