Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 13 pp 4561—4578

Enhanced beta-1 adrenergic receptor responsiveness in coronary arterioles following intravenous stromal vascular fraction therapy in aged rats

Figure 3. Isolated coronary arteriolar vasoreactivity to β1- and β2-AR agonists. Dobutamine, primarily a β1-AR agonist, induced vasorelaxation in all groups (A). Coronary arterioles from YC animals exhibited a significantly greater dilation compared to OC and O+BM at concentrations 1e-6 and 1e-5 [M] (*) (A). Salbutamol, a β2-AR agonist, induced mild vasorelaxation that was similar between all the groups (B). P≤0.05 vs Young Control (*), vs Old Control (#), and vs Old+SVF ($); data are presented as means±SEM and analyzed with two-way repeated measures ANOVA followed by post-hoc Bonferroni test.