Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 13 pp 4641—4653

Age-associated changes of the intrinsic nervous system in relation with interstitial cells in the pre-weaning goat rumen

Figure 2. Relationship between PGP9.5-positive neurons (green) and ICs (red) in the ganglia of rumen MP (A a–i) with age. The neural and IC networks were observed and interweaved with each other in the rumen wall. Higher magnification views of the square frames in (A–c,f,g), the somata and protuberances of two or three ICs, close to each other, formed a ring-boundary layer surrounding each NSs in the ganglia. A decreased density was observed in NS of the ganglia (B), while the MOD of ICs significantly increased in the ganglia (C). (Bar = 20 μm A a–i.)