Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 13 pp 4688—4705

Assessment of ERBB2 and TOP2α gene status and expression profile in feline mammary tumors: findings and guidelines

Figure 3. The RNA levels of the EBB2 ICD and ECD and TOP2α are altered in the majority of the FMTs. Fold change of Erbb2 ICD (a) and ECD (b) RNA regions and TOP2α RNA (c) quantified by real-time RT-qPCR in FMTs and compared with disease-free tissue collected from the same donor. The percentage of tumors with an increase, maintenance or decrease in the ERBB2 ICD (a), ECD (b) and TOP2α (c) RNA levels is also presented, in the upper right corner of each graph. Values are mean ± SD of three replicates. *p≤0.05, **p≤0.01, ***p≤0.001, ****p≤0.0001 are determined by Student’s t-test.