Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5300—5318

Exosomes derived from microRNA-199a-overexpressing mesenchymal stem cells inhibit glioma progression by down-regulating AGAP2

Figure 1. miR-199a may regulate the AGAP2 gene in gliomas. (A) GO enrichment analysis on the differential genes in glioma-related profiles. The abscissa represents GO items and the ordinate represents the number of the differential genes. (B) KEGG functional enrichment analysis of the DEGs in glioma expression profile. The abscissa represents GeneRatio and the ordinate represents the KEGG items. The circle color and circle size indicate the p value and Count value, respectively. (C) the expression of AGAP2 gene in GSE79097 profile. The abscissa indicates the sample type and the ordinate indicates the gene expression. (D) the prediction of regulatory miRNAs of AGAP2. The four ellipses in the figure represent the prediction results from TargetScan database, mirDIP database and starBase database, and the expression of miRNAs in exosomes reported in the relevant literature. The middle part represents the intersection of four sets of data.