Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5351—5367

Long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 511 promotes the progression of osteosarcoma cells through sponging microRNA 618 to upregulate the expression of maelstrom

Figure 6. MiR-618 inhibits the in vitro activity of OS cells. (A) Expression profiles of miR-618 in HOS cells transfected with miR-618 mimics (upregulation), miR-618 inhibitor (downregulation) or si-LINC00511+miR-618 inhibitor (not changed). (B–E) CCK-8, colony formation and transwell assays of the proliferation, migration and invasion ability of HOS cells with miR-618 dysregulation. (B) CCK-8 assay for cell viability. (C) Colony formation assay for cell proliferation. (D) Transwell assay for cell migration. (E) Transwell assay for cell invasion. *P<0.05 compared to the NC group.