Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5445—5462

Impact of C-reactive protein on osteo-/chondrogenic transdifferentiation and calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells


Figure 6. Antioxidants or p38 MAPK inhibition reduce calcification of HAoSMCs promoted by CRP during pro-calcific conditions. Scatter dot plots and arithmetic means ± SEM (n=6; µg/mg protein) of calcium content in HAoSMCs treated with control (CTR) or calcification medium together with 10 µg/ml recombinant human CRP (Calc.+CRP) and without and with additional treatment with 10 µM TEMPOL, 10 µM TIRON or 10 µM p38 MAPK inhibitor SB203580 (SB). *(p<0.05), **(p<0.01) significant vs. control HAoSMCs; †(p<0.05) significant vs. HAoSMCs treated with Calc.+CRP alone.